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Sable’s workshop topics include:

  • Basic voice science, anatomy, and voice care for professional singers, singing students and choral singers

  • Voicing in the classroom: managing the vocal challenges of teaching

  • Voice problems and voice management for coaches, salespeople and others who use their voices extensively in their work

  • The aging voice

  • Managing speech and voice changes associated with Parkinson’s Disease

Recent presentations include:

February 3, 2019-Alto Sectional-Voice Care for Singers. Edmonton A Cappella Festival. Harry Ainley Highschool. Edmonton, AB.

February 2018 – Voice Care for Singers and Speakers. Dnipro and Edmonton Youth Choir. Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity, AB.

February-March 2016- Speech Practice Group. Parkinson Alberta. Edmonton, AB.

May 24, 2015 – Voice Care Education for Singers. Yellowknife Choral Society. Yellowknife, NWT.

Oct 2014 – Voice Care Education and Exercises for Occupational Voice Users. Tevie Miller Heritage School, Edmonton Public Schools. Edmonton, AB.

December 2013 – Resonant Voice Techniques. Voice seminar for Masters of Speech Pathology and Audiology students. University of Alberta. Edmonton, AB.

April 2013 – Semi-occluded vocal tract exercises. Misericordia Hospital CRIS Clinic SLP Inservice. Edmonton, AB.

Mar 2013 – Sound Voice Workshop: Rehabilitation and Training for Singers Co-Presenter. Presentation on Motor Learning Principles in Voice Therapy. Vancouver, BC.