Sable Chan MSc, R.SLP, S-LP(C)


Sable Chan is a private Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in voice therapy based in the Edmonton area. Please read more about voice therapy services and workshops offered. Contact Sable directly for more details about voice assessment and treatment.


About Me

Sable Chan earned a Masters in Speech Pathology and Audiology from the University of Alberta and a Certificate of Vocology from the University of Iowa. Sable sings professionally with Pro Coro Canada and the Edmonton Opera Chorus. She has an interest in using voice science principles to inform her approach to voice therapy and singing.

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Voice Therapy Services

Sable provides voice therapy for speakers experiencing difficulties with everyday voice use, performing voice, and gender transition voice training. She works with clients to address voice challenges related functional daily tasks such as speaking in a classroom, vocal fatigue while singing or being misgendered on the telephone.

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Why do I need Voice Therapy?

If your voice is strained and its performance is affecting your daily life tasks, voice therapy can help with performance. With professional input from a voice trained S-LP, you can learn how to produce a voice that feels easier, sound clearer, and lasts longer without strain on your throat. Voice exercises are designed to help take the strain off the vocal folds and allow damaged tissues to heal.

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