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I direct an un-auditioned adult community choir. Many of our singers have no prior vocal training and haven’t spent much time thinking about or being physically aware of how to sing, or how to sing in a healthy way.

This has made Sable’s two workshops with our singers (in 2014 and 2016) extremely helpful for us. Being a speech therapist, a chorister and solo artist give her a unique and impressive expertise that she warmly shares in an accessible presentation. Her sessions were thoughtful, organized, practical, interactive and engaging.

She included effective audio and visual elements that outlined a careful approach each singer, regardless of their experience, could understand and begin to apply in their own singing practice. A natural teacher, she gauged her audience’s knowledge and interest well, fielded singers’ questions with additional useful information and offered a variety of ways for all singers to learn and apply the key information and concepts.

She was professional and very approachable. I have since incorporated many things I learned in these sessions in personal and choral warm ups and rehearsals. I can highly recommend Sable and her workshops as valuable personal and professional development to all singers.

— margo nightingale, director of aurora chorealis

As a former professional singer, I had suffered serious issues with my vocal chords several decades ago.

Just when I was ready to give up all hope, I received a healthy dose of a new chance: since the time my chords had gone down, medical science progressed, and new surgery has become available.I felt there was not much to lose (I could hardly speak, let alone sing, anyhow). I agreed to try it. The surgery went fine, and the surgeon offered me one more ray of hope:" “see Sable”, she said. I did, and I spent some very valuable time in her office. Sable is a taskmaster and a perfectionist, just the qualities I have always admired in professionals. Now, I not only speak without any difficulties, I can even sing from time to time. Even after we were done with the prescribed series of appointments, Sable taught me how to train on my own, and the exercises she had prescribed have been working almost miraculously. My advice to all who want to have their voices heard: see Sable.

— j.M.


I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Sable at a very difficult, uncertain and challenging time in my life. Following Laryngoscopy surgery, which involved an extensive area of my right vocal cord, my recovery was slower than usual.  I met with Sable nearly 6 weeks after my surgery and with her knowledge, guidance and encouragement, I regained my voice.  I believe that working with Sable was essential to my recovery because she showed me the methods and techniques I needed to practice for a successful recovery.  I’m surprised that it only took 3 sessions with her to set me on the correct path.  It’s kind of like magic once you know the process.  She is very competent and professional, and I trust her completely.  

— j.F.


I had come to visit Sable as kind of a last resort, with a fatiguing and chronic dry cough which had lasted for over a year. Although I had seen other specialists, no one had been able to make suggestions for reprieve.  It was such a relief to feel that there was something that could be done to improve my condition. I am happy to report that I felt so empowered by her encouragement and support. With the exercises that she provided, these episodes are becoming fewer and farther apart and I am hopeful for a complete recovery!

— Elementary music school teacher

I had a session with Sable when I was experiencing severe vocal stress. Our session was very calm. Sable is a very good listener and asked many pertinent questions about the circumstances of my vocal condition. My body’s response to life stress is vocal stress, and Sable discussed some good strategies to help me recognize the causes of my vocal loss. We tried some very fundamental exercises to determine what steps I should take, and Sable gave me some vocal exercises to ease my strain. I was able to use these daily and within a short period of time my vocal stress lessened, and my voice returned to normal. This particularly important to note because I am a lifelong singer and Sable’s experience in this field made her the perfect choice for my situation. I would highly recommend her work as a speech pathologist.